The Environment

  • California is leading the way in policy initiatives around the issues of sustainability and climate change and their impact on our economy, health, and security.  Due to our impressive economy of scale, our state targets for the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions have impacted the approach of automakers' design of their vehicles.
  • California needs to embrace the future of transportation including low and zero-emission vehicles and improved mass transit solutions like a world-class high speed rail system statewide.
  • We must ban fracking in California.  Credits for hydrogen-fuel cell vehicles should be evaluated based on the understanding that fracking is not the way to achieve the kind of sound environmental policy we deserve.
  • Locally, we are in imminent danger of a waste-storage disaster at San Onofre. The decommissioned plant houses 3.55 million pounds of spent fuel.  Southern California Edison has proposed housing it in ½ inch thick dry-storage containers, buried only a few inches above sea level, 100 feet from the water, along a major earthquake fault line.  It also becomes a frightening soft-target for terrorists.  Millions of people live within the 50 mile guaranteed-impact radius.  This disaster waiting to happen must be stopped.

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