• It is unacceptable for access to high-quality, affordable healthcare to be a luxury that leaves millions of people out in the cold.  A pre-existing condition should not bankrupt a family or be a death sentence in the United States of America.  If the federal government is incapable or unwilling to protect this access for all our citizens, California must act for our own residents in the interim.
  • A "medicare for all" system is the best way to save lives and money.  This is a publicly-funded, privately-delivered system, meaning patients would be able to see any physician of their choosing in the country and be treated at any hospital. 
  • Medicare has 3% administrative costs, which means more money can be spent on patient care.  It allows patients to choose their doctors and retain them during job status changes.  This continuity of doctors is critical to patient care and outcomes.  Private insurers can drop physicians and many providers opt to leave HMO or PPO groups, leaving patients in jeopardy. 
  • The results of care in a publicly-funded system are publicly accountable, unlike private plans.  How do you know if you have access to the best possible doctors, treatments and care if you are stuck with the only employer policy option available to you?
  • "Medicare for all" would make it possible to create a unified, confidential, computerized database for patients, one that can track provider behavior and outcomes too.  Rather than wasting money on billing system complexities, those resources can go toward better patient care and higher provider reimbursements.  

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