Quality, affordable healthcare 


As a cancer survivor and mom, Sunday understands first-hand the struggles families face to keep loved ones healthy. Uninsured at the time of her cancer diagnosis at age 21, Sunday survived the cancer diagnosis because of Planned Parenthood, and has dedicated her life to healthcare access. 

Sunday will fight in the Assembly to strengthen Covered California, rein in prescription drug prices, and stand up to the insurance companies because no one should go bankrupt for health reasons or lose coverage for a pre-existing condition.  


Strengthening public education


It’s time to elect leadership that will truly put our kids first. 

Sunday Gover is endorsed by the California Teachers Association because she will fight for more funding for our public schools,universal pre-K to prepare children to learn, increased science and technology education to prepare students for the modern economy, and to keep guns off school campuses to keep our children safe. 



Making higher education affordable for middle class families


Education should be a great economic engine, not saddling students and families with piles of debt. Sunday Gover will work to make community college tuition-free for working families, re-instate the guaranteed acceptance program to ensure every California student who studies hard has a chance to get a quality higher education, and freeze in-state tuition at the UC and CSU systems.  With the cost of college skyrocketing, she will focus on helping middle class families afford college.


Equal economic opportunity


Sunday Gover worked her way through college, and then worked her way up in business. She knows what it takes to meet payroll, provide for your employees, and turn a profit. She knows that women deserve equal pay for equal work, and that hard-working families thrive when women are given the same opportunities as men. 

Sunday will expand and protect paid family and sick leave, reduce the cost of child care, fight for harassment-free work places, and increase pay transparency to protect women from wage theft.


Environmental protection and climate action


California is a global leader on issues of sustainability, and our environment and economy have benefitted from our focus on climate action. But with a president and his administration denying climate change and de-regulating polluters, we need to fight back against this threat to our environment and communities. 

Sunday Gover has never taken a dime from Big Oil, because she is dedicated to protecting our air, water, and climate for future generations. Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters both trust Sunday to reduce carbon emissions, invest in a clean energy economy, and fight Trump’s plan to drill for oil off the California coast. 


Pushing back against the dangerous, divisive Trump agenda


Climate change isn’t the only place where Trump’s extreme agenda is out of step with California’s values. Unlike her opponent-- who supports the Trump agenda to rip healthcare from families, cut funding for schools, criminalizing the immigrants that make San Diego thrive, increase taxes on the middle class, and allow guns on school campuses—Sunday Gover will fight for everyday San Diegans to ensure that the Trump agenda does not come to California. 


Making housing affordable for San Diego families

The skyrocketing cost of housing is squeezing San Diego’s middle class.  Sunday Gover is a real estate professional with the housing expertise Sacramento needs to bring common-sense solutions to the housing crisis, including speeding up affordable housing construction, getting San Diego’s fair share of state housing dollars and ensuring that all of our returning veterans have a place to call home.
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